“Strategy requires both process and art: a strong commitment, and an open mind. Tom Curren makes all this happen simultaneously, and holds us accountable for doing the same.”

—David Bessey, CEO, Maracay Homes Inc.

We pay attention to everything that affects performance

Some clients need only top-team alignment. Others need support for clarifying or implementing a strategy. And some need to change everything from organizational design to culture.

Smart strategy is the foundation for any successful change effort

You may already have a strategy, but…

  • Is it the right one in light of changing market realities?
  • Is the top team fully aligned around it?
  • Are you clear on all the barriers and levers to implementation in your organization?
  • Are you engaging all the relevant stakeholders and potential partners outside the organization?

Turbulent markets require new business models.

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Support for implementation and whole-system change
builds the capacity to get it done

Bad things can happen to good strategies—especially when there’s not enough support or capacity to implement necessary changes. That’s why we offer extended support, when needed, for implementation and change. Once we achieve alignment at the top, we expand our work deeper into the organization to support implementation through high-performance teams, or to shift the entire organization through a whole-system change effort.

When we move beyond top-team alignment to extend into implementation or whole-system change, we:

  • Support internal senior people to lead the change
  • Start with small, rapid-turnaround projects that have a high probability of success
  • Build enduring capacity and skills
  • Train internal consultants or facilitators to support the work
  • Apply action-learning strategies
  • Consistently re-evaluate the client’s needs and adapt to changing realities

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Everything that affects performance matters

We always work both the tangible and intangible sides of performance.

We begin change efforts with decision-driven change, then layer in behavior- and culture-change, which typically is less predictable and takes more time.



What you can see

What you can feel









Insights from analytical work

Insights from personal work

Clarifying roles and accountabilities

Building trust, commitment, and teamwork

Changing staff (who’s on or off the bus)

Changing “climate” (mood and motivation)

We find value in resistance

We don’t buy into the common belief that resistance to change is a bad thing. We see inherent value in resistance, so we actually work with it, not against it. Paradoxically, tapping the hidden wisdom in resistance can help to loosen its grip on the change effort.

We tap the positive energy in polarities

Polarities are everywhere. Understanding the dynamics of these interdependent pairs of opposites—such as stability and change, or cost and quality&mdashcan help us to move a system that is “stuck” and create more sustainable change.

That’s good news for our clients—research shows that organizations that manage polarities well tend to outperform those that don’t.

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We engage the right range of capabilities for the problem at hand

The right team

Everyone in Hawthorne Consultants has a breadth of both business and life experience as well as a depth in critical competencies for generating whole-systems change.

Meet the consultants

The right tools

We are trained and/or certified to use a wide variety of leading-edge methods, instruments, and assessments.



  • Integral Theory (Tom, Allison)
  • Gestalt Theory (Allison)
  • Intentional Change Theory (Allison)
  • Real Time Strategic Change (Tom, Jake)
  • Polarity Management (Tom, Allison, Jake)
  • Spiral Dynamics (Tom, Allison, Lois)
  • Landmark  Education (Tom, Allison)


  • Real Time Strategic Change (Jake)
  • Open Space, Future Search, SimuReal (Tom, Jake)
  • Appreciative Inquiry (Tom, Allison)


  • Hypothesis-based Problem Solving (Tom, Adam)
  • Levels of Strategy / Balanced Scorecard (Tom, Adam)
  • Scenario Planning (Adam)
  • Holacracy: Integrated Decision Making, Dynamic Steering (Allison, Tom)
  • Dialogue Mapping (Tom)


  • Leadership Development Framework (Tom, Allison)
  • Lectical Assessment System (Tom, Allison)
  • Leadership Agility 360 (Allison)
  • Emotional Intelligence Competency Inventory 360 (Allison)
  • Interstrength Method—Personality Type (Allison)
  • Learning Styles Inventory (Allison)
  • Conflict Styles (Allison)
  • Spiritual Intelligence Inventory (Allison)
  • Grid International (Tom)
  • CoachU and BeCoach (Tom)
  • Naropa: Contemplative Psychology and Leadership (Charlie)
  • CTI Co-active Coaching Curriculum (Charlie)
  • Masters Certification, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) (Lois)
  • The Leadership Circle (LEA) 360 Instrument (Lois)
  • Language and Behavioral Interviewing (Lois)


  • Cultural Transformation Tools (Tom)
  • Leadership Effectiveness Analysis, 360 and Culture Instrument (Lois)
  • Human Synergistics—LSI Tools (Lois)

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