“No one does a better job of combining strategic discipline with improved relationships. Hawthorne offers a remarkable synthesis of the hard and the soft sides, both necessary for success.”

- Jon Katzenbach, author of The Wisdom of Teams

Turbulent markets require new business models

Will changing market conditions erode your current business? When is it time to re-think your business model?

In today’s turbulent environment, most organizations cannot afford to make incremental improvements to the current “success formula.”  With markets changing so quickly, success requires continuous innovation: new ideas, new products, and new ways of doing business. 

We have developed practical ways to help clients determine if changing market conditions dictate a fundamental review of the existing business model and determine if a new approach is needed. When appropriate, we work to disrupt the “lock-in” that can lead to failure, and create the “white space” needed to innovate for continued growth.

Disruption is essential in turbulent markets

Success sows the seeds of failure

Focus on competitors, not customers

Manage the sources of lock-ins

Agility requires establishing white space

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