“No one does a better job of combining strategic discipline with improved relationships. Hawthorne offers a remarkable synthesis of the hard and the soft sides, both necessary for success.”

—Jon Katzenbach, author of The Wisdom of Teams

We always start with top-team alignment

What is top-team alignment?

When we say “top team,” we mean the senior management of an organization—typically a group of 5 to 20 people.

“Alignment” refers to a sense of coherence or unity that speeds decision making, accelerates change, and builds trust and confidence in a team. Unaligned behavior saps energy, kills productivity, creates confusion, and breeds cynicism.

Alignment is an ongoing process, but breakthroughs occur most readily when the team spends a couple of days together, away from the office.

We customize top-team-alignment sessions to address specific business needs and team issues. These highly participatory events take place off-site for 1.5 to 2 days.

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Who needs it?

You may need top-team alignment if:

  • You want to generate broad ownership of a new direction for your organization
  • Top-team members have different views about how to plan or implement a big change
  • You are a new CEO or have new senior team members and you want to get everyone moving in the same direction
  • The top team is stuck, ineffective, or dysfunctional.

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Are you aligned? 

A team is aligned when all members can articulate a shared direction (where we’re going); a common purpose (why we’re going there); and a sense of urgency (why now is the time to act). The team agrees on a path forward and is ready to step up to whatever changes are necessary to implement needed changes.

A well-aligned team operates as a cohesive unit and models desired values and behaviors for the rest of the organization.

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Top-team alignment process

The most effective top-team-alignment sessions address an important performance challenge. Tom Curren—supported by a team of consultants most able to add value to the client’s specific performance challenge(s)—personally leads the entire process.






Talk with the client to scope the nature of the performance challenge, decide who should be on the team to address it, and set a date for an offsite event.


Conduct a highly refined diagnostic process to gather a range of perspectives on the topic and understand the fundamental dynamics of the system.


Review objectives, approach, and session design with the client (and sometimes a few close advisors).


Assign and/or conduct any necessary pre-work for the event.


Facilitate the offsite session.


Meet with client to debrief the session and provide a written report.

What does top-team alignment cost?

Professional fees for top-team alignment are typically $30,000–$60,000. The actual amount depends on the size of the group, the length of the meeting, and the depth of the diagnostic assessment.

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