“Tom and Allison taught us how to get more done with better collaboration and a happier, more productive team. Their work has made us function at a higher level.”

—Sue Woolsey, Lead Independent Trustee, Rocky Mountain Institute

Tom CurrenOverall Engagement Manager

Specialty: Top-team Alignment

MBA Wharton Business School
30+ years relevant work experience
  • McKinsey & Co
  • SVP Marriott Corp
  • Independent consultant
  • US Naval Officer
  • Certified coach

“Tom has a skill for simplifying complex things so we can work with them in a practical way. He is a superb thinker and intellectually honest.”

—J.W. Marriott Jr., Chairman and CEO, Marriott

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Adam Hartung

Specialty: Strategy Innovation

MBA, Harvard Business School
20+ years relevant work experience
  • Boston Consulting Group
  • Pepsi
  • DuPont
  • Independent consultant
  • Book: Create Marketplace Disruption
  • Columnist: Forbes.com

“Adam Hartung helped us realize new ways of growing our business that we had completely ignored. He helped us realize substantial improvements when we were completely out of ideas.”

—Bob Bellack, CFO, Los Angeles Times Company

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Allison Conte

Specialty: Whole Systems Organizational Development

MSOD, Weatherhead School of Management (Case Western Reserve University)
20+ years relevant work experience
  • BP
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • National Association of Manufacturers
  • Independent consultant
  • Faculty, Gestalt Institute of Cleveland
  • Articles: Gestalt, Holacracy, Integral Theory
  • Certified coach

“Allison has a rare talent to inspire transformational change. For Rocky Mountain Institute, she was able to identify and discuss ‘taboo’ issues in a way that woke us up and got us moving. She has a rare talent for executive coaching. Overall, a skilled and creative consultant.”

—Michael Potts, CEO, Rocky Mountain Institute

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Dana Carman

Specialty: Strategy Implementation, Cultural Integration

BS, University of Vermont
25+ years of consulting on five continents.
  • Design and facilitation of complex multi-stakeholder engagements.
  • Strategy implementation and cultural integration.
  • Global consulting with clients on five continents.
  • Over two decades of pro bono work on global challenges such as ending hunger, and environmental issues.
  • Has trained over 500 coaches and change agents on five continents.
  • Former competitive tennis player and marathon runner.

“Our business increased by 30 percent last year, in large part due to Dana’s work with us on planning, communicating and executing on our key goals. Our entire team feels that Dana has helped us begin the journey toward great leadership.”

—Sam Shake, former CEO, BioLife

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Michael McElhenie

Specialty: Leadership and Organizational Development

PhD, psychology, University of North Texas
20+ years relevant work experience
  • Unilever
  • Wal-Mart
  • Sepracor Pharmaceuticals&
  • Gestalt Institute of Cleveland
  • Certified coach

“Michael was an outstanding resource for Sepracor during a vertical growth phase. He contributed wholesale knowledge, expertise and guidance in the areas of Organizational Effectiveness, Change Management and Leadership Development. His skills were invaluable. I would recommend Michael with no reservations.”

—Carl Wooten, Senior Regional Sales Director, Sunovion Inc. (Sepracor)

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Jack Sparrow

Specialty: Managing Complexity

Black Pearl Academy, MPA (Masters Pirate Administration)
15+ years relevant work experience
  • Governor, Rumrunners Isle
  • Commands teams with high turnover
  • Improvises in tumultuous situations
  • Skilled mariner
  • Collects antique coins
  • Myers Briggs ENFP

“Honestly, at first I had my doubts about working with Jack. But in the end his unorthodox style proved invaluable in navigating some very difficult waters for our organization. ”

—Will Turner, HMS Interceptor

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Robert Jacobs

Specialty: Large Group Events / Network Collaboration

MSOD, Pepperdine University
20+ years relevant work experience
  • Ford
  • Independent consultant
  • Leading expert in “Real Time Strategic Change”
  • Certified coach

“Jake moved our business further and faster than we thought possible. By getting everyone in the same room, we accomplished six months’ work in two days.”

—Dennis Mullen, CEO, Birdseye Foods

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Lois Todd

Specialty: Coaching Resources

BA, University of Colorado
20+ years relevant work experience
  • Manager/producer radio stations
  • Independent consultant
  • Masters, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Certified coach

“The insights I gained from my work with Lois helped me realize how important it is during a reorganization process to slow down and notice the people part of the equation. This helped in retaining our top talent.”

—Mark Swatek, CEO, MWH Global

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