“Tom Curren is a great thought stimulator. He has excellent operating experience and a McKinsey background, is very smart, and one heck of a facilitator. Use him if you want to rattle some cages and get things done.”

- John Schueler, President, Florida Communications Group, Media General

Next Level

We help organizations move to the next level by supporting top teams to make smarter decisions and build capabilities that strengthen performance, productivity, and commitment. We are unique in our ability to integrate strategy with organization development from a whole-systems perspective.


“There are very few consultants who are able to
work on strategy and behavior change. Hawthorne
brings a wealth of experience of both sides, and integrates them seamlessly.”

- Jack Schanck, CEO Samson Resources

Top-team Alignment

We start every client engagement by aligning the top team, setting the course for addressing a specific performance challenge, and moving to action. This typically involves a sophisticated diagnostic process, a two-day offsite event, and follow-up support. A typical fee for the entire process is $30,000–$60,000.


“I am astonished at the results Tom Curren and
Allison Conte have achieved; they make the very difficult seem effortless. Most consultants
who promise organizational change break their
picks, but Hawthorne Consultants creates genuine
and lasting improvement.”

- Sue Woolsey, Lead Independent Trustee, Rocky Mountain Institute

Strategy and Change

We pay attention to everything that affects performance: barriers and levers on both the tangible side (decisions and processes) and intangible side (leadership and culture) of the system. Once we clarify strategy, it is sometimes necessary to extend our work further into the organization to unlock potential with implementation support and whole-systems change.


“Working with Tom on strategy was like moving from playing checkers to playing chess.”

—Roger McCarthy, President, Vail Resorts Mountain Division

Case Studies

We have a track record of successfully partnering with top teams to improve performance and create lasting change. For 20 years, we have worked across multiple industry sectors in small and large organizations, corporations,
and nonprofits. While we always begin with top-team alignment,
approximately half of our clients retain us to work on an extended basis
more deeply in the organization.



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